Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Violet Spill Shawl

I finally finished my Spill Shawl!  I fell in love with the pattern when I bumped into it on Ravelry.  It was written for a lace weight yarn with a very long gradient color change and a size 3.25mm hook.  I went up to a a very thin worsted weight (at least according to the package, I swear it feels more like a #3 weight), and a 4.5mm hook, which made for a bigger shawl.  The yarn is Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball (or now Shawl in a Cake), in Mindful Mauve.

I haven't measured mine to know exactly how much bigger it is than the written pattern, but she says hers is 14" at center back, and mine is more like 18" at that point.  I probably could have split the difference and tried a 4mm hook, but honestly I'm very happy with it at the size it is.  It makes for a warm, snuggly shawl, that wears well with a shawl pin at the shoulder.  I'm fairly certain I can wear in place of a light jacket in spring and autumn.  I've been wearing it everywhere for the last couple of days.

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