Thursday, November 16, 2017

Harry Potter Baby Quilts, Onesies & Hats

As I mentioned yesterday, my friend Abbeeroad has recently welcomed twins into her family, and I had a wonderful time crafting for them.  Since I was making two of everything, I admit that I took a bit of a shortcut on the quilts.  They aren't traditionally pieced quilts, but rather whole cloth printed to look like it has been pieced.  The fabrics are literally called "Potter Cheater Quilt", and came from kritterstitches on Spoonflower.  They feature the Deathly Hallows symbol, tiny cauldrons, brooms, owls, Sorting hats, and lots more.  She has it in a few colorways, but seems to have since removed the coral & yellow print from her shop. 

The backings and binding came from a local quilt shop called Quilting Squares, where the ladies were quite excited to help me pick some matches.  This is the first, in shades of purple and turquoise.  I made onesies and hats to match, so each little lady got her own set. 
My neighbor has a small business doing embroidered baby clothes on her embroidery machine, and she took on the task of making me custom quilt labels to match each quilt.  Of course, it's just making me want a new embroidery machine all the more...

And the second one in shades of coral, yellow, and turquoise.

Meanwhile, I wanted to make another set of onesies to go with them.  I used the classic Potter font, and set up the text in the Silhouette software, then cut them from glitter heat transfer vinyl.  I've played with several types of htv, and the glitter seems to adhere the best, and wear well over repeated washings and dryings.  The hats were each made by stash-busting yarn scraps.  I can't remember the pattern I used, or I'd link it. They're quite chunky, with the body of each being made of 2 strands of yarn held together, with a contrasting band of Lion Brand Homespun.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

All You Need is Love Onesies

I like making things for friends.  I like making things for babies.  And I really like making things for the babies of good friends.  These were made for the new babies of my friend Abbeeroad on Craftster, who just welcomed twin girls into the world.  I wanted to do something that would coordinate, but not depend on the other to be wearing the matching outfit.  So if one little lady spits up all over hers, her sister still looks stylin' in hers.  I found a retro font in my library, and set up the text in the Silhouette software, then cut them from glitter heat transfer vinyl. 

*Update 1/20/18: The girls wore these to the anniversary of the Women's March in NYC!  While they were bundled up against the cold, I love that their mom and I both know they were there.