Sunday, September 10, 2017

Celestial Dishcloths

Some of the Mods on Craftster recently decided we needed some sort of happy swap amongst ourselves.  We all decided to fill a small Flat-Rate box, and I was doing well adding bits and bobs, but I had a bit of dead space, so I decided to whip up a dishcloth to fill some space and cushion some things.  I got the fun of crafting for kittykill. 
Sunshine Dishcloth Pattern
She mentioned having a cheerful yellow & red kitchen, so I made a cheerful sunshine dishcloth.    Then, since I had some white cotton, so I made a cloud to go with it.  Seemed like a great idea for a happy little matched set. 
Cloud Dishcloth Pattern
All this happened around the time there was so much excitement about the solar eclipse, so I whipped up a solar eclipse cloth to match.  For the Eclipse, I started with the Sunshine pattern above, and added the edging from this Eclipse Coaster pattern, made from I Love This Cotton! in black, and Sugar'n Cream yellow and bright orange.

At this point, it should have been clear I had a problem...   But since I couldn't seem to stop hooking, I finally decided that kittykill clearly needed a whole set of celestial dishcloths, and added in a star and a rainbow.  Well, the best I could come up with for a rainbow, since I crocheted them all from stash.
Star Dishcloth Pattern
I skipped the edging on this one, as I liked the clean look of the star without it.  It was made from I Love This Cotton! in colorways Turquoise, Pewter, Aqua Ombre, and Teal.  My final 'rainbow' cloth was made with I Love This Cotton! in color 'brights', and the pattern is called Fire Blossom.  I have a set made for me by a friend several years ago in this pattern, and these are by far my favorite dishcloths.  They are just the right size, and just the right density for washing dishes.   
Fire Blossom Dishcloth Pattern

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