Monday, March 26, 2018

Bundle of Beanies

My dear friend Edel is battling breast cancer right now.  While her prognosis is great since it was caught early, she's still going through chemo, and has lost her hair.  Add to that a record cold winter in Ireland, and she's got a cold noggin.  So I whipped up a few hats for her.  They were all made with the same free pattern, but I played with the hat size and hook size, depending on which yarn I was using.  All the supplies came from my stash, so it was a nice way to use up some of my favorite yarns leftover from other project. The pattern is very simple, and easy to adjust as needed. 

The Rainbow Beanie was made from Bernat Mosaic yarn (now sadly discontinued), sent to me by Craftster friend pinkleo ages ago.  I love how bright and cheerful the colors are.  I actually made a skinny, lacy rainbow scarf with it back in 2012, and always knew it was destined to go to someone special.  When I whipped up the hat, I knew I had found the friend the scarf was always intended for.

The Prism Beanie was made with Caron Simply Soft in black, and Lion Brand Shawl-in-a-Ball in Prism.  The Prism has an electric blue metallic thread in it, and sparkles subtly.  It was leftover from my Prism Virus Shawl, but was too thin for an actually warm hat, so I paired it with the relatively thin worsted simply soft yarn, to make one somewhat thick worsted.

The Sporty Sparkle Beanie was made from Caron Simply Soft Party in Platinum and Fuchsia, and Simply Soft in black. The Fuchsia was leftover from making a Pussyhat for  Craftster friend kittykill.  I had picked up the platinum at the same time, hoping to possibly do something with it to match kittykill's' hat, but never figured out exactly what I wanted to do with it, so it had been in my stash since.  I think it was meant to be there for this project.  The force is definitely strong with this hat, considering it's ass-kicking pussyhat origins.

Finally the Briar Rose Beanie  was inspired by the fact that I had one red rose leftover from my Briar Rose Scarf, made for itsmereba in the Craftster Fairytale Swap.  I used a darker green for the hat (Premier Everyday in Pine Green), and used the last bits of the Lion Brand Heartland in Joshua Tree that I used for the leaves and vine of the original scarf.

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