Tuesday, December 4, 2018

14 Scrap Busting Dishcloths in 12 Days

My parents came to visit for 8 days last week.  Since I was trying to keep the house neat and clean with guests, I decided to crochet something tiny, that wouldn't be in the way, and would hopefully help me use up some yarn.  Answer: dishcloths! 

I managed to make 14 of them in 12 days, and hope to get 2 more done tonight.  Bonus, they make great stocking stuffers and gift basket fillers. They were all made from the Fire Blossom Dishcloth pattern, which is free on Ravelry.

A few super-scrappy ones, that were made up with the tail ends of various yarns that were all in a zip loc bag.  My dad claimed most of these.  I missed getting a pic of my favorite green & blue one before my mom made off with it.

A few more matchy-matchy pairs, made from bigger half-skeins.  These will go to a few neighbors & friends.

A set for my mom, made to match a vintage tea towel I bought her.  This was one of my more 'matchy-matchy' scrap sets.  I've made her dishcloths before, but she's never used them until she came to visit last week, and discovered there are no scrubby sponges in my house, just a drawer full of handmade dishcloths.  After 2 days she declared she loved them and wanted some for herself.  Good thing these were already under the tree.

And a rainbow set for my MIL, to go with a vintage linen towel I bought her.  Best part, I basically emptied my entire cotton yarn drawer!

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