Tuesday, April 30, 2019

All the Lanyards

I knew we needed name tags for the Asheville Adventure Meetup, but hated the idea of boring stick on ones.  Plus I wanted to include everyone's avatar, for folks to help put a name (or screen name) with a face.  I saw that several of the sets of name tag holders on Amazon came with lanyards.  Boring black string lanyards that no one would ever use again.  No thanks!  So I made my own!  There are 31 in the picture, but I want to say one more I made is missing...  Most are beaded, but there are also some braided leather, some faux leather cording, and some cotton corded ones, for those who didn't want a lot of bling.  My hope is that those who wear lanyards at work can get some more use out of them, and those who don't can repurpose them by simply removing the giant clip that attaches to the name tag, and wear them as long necklaces, or as wrap bracelets. 

Adventurers, I didn't get individual pictures of them, so feel free to post close ups of yours!

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