Monday, April 2, 2018

Be the Sparkle Unicorn You Want to See in the World


I believe it was either Ghandi or Princess Rainicorn who said, “Be the Sparkle Unicorn you want to see in the world.”

These are a few more projects created for Craftster's April Fool's Day celebrations.  The image and text were cut from rainbow holographic heat transfer vinyl that I found on Amazon.  The unicorn design is from the Silhouette store, but I added some extra butterflies, clovers, and stars into the grass area, because I was afraid it would be too big of a solid chunk of HTV. 

There was plenty more htv leftover, so I made some tees for my nieces, Ari & Mia.  Ari adores unicorns, so she got that one, while Mia is the Queen of Cupcakes.  I cant wait to mail these off to them, along with some of the Unicorn & Mermaid Cookie Mixes.

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