Thursday, April 5, 2018

Infinite Rainbow Scarf

A few weeks ago, I made a rainbow ripples neckwarmer from some silk roving yarn that I received in my monthly subscription box from Darn Good Yarn.  A friend saw me working on it, and freaked out over how much she liked the colors.  Clearly, it had to go to her!  But I wanted to add something like a hat to go with it, afraid the neckwarmer alone wouldn't go with anything else she might have, so I contacted DGY, and asked if I could buy another skein.  The customer service person directed me to their regular listing for their worsted weight silk roving, in 'watercolors'.  The picture didn't look exactly like my yarn, but I figured if customer service told me that was it, than that was it, and that perhaps someone working on the website had photoshopped the picture to look a bit more vivid. So I ordered 2 skeins.  When they arrived I was very sad that they were not at all the same color.   But rather than cry over spilled yarn, I decided to find a different way to use it up to make something bright and cheerful.  This is the result.  The pattern is the Dragonfly Infinity Scarf (aka Double V-Stitch Infinity scarf) by Alyssa on Undeniable Glitter.  Since I was working with a limited amount of yarn, I made it a bit narrower, just 3 full-shells in the middle and 2 half-shells on the ends.  Wrapped twice it sits up close to the neck, rather than hang down over your boobs, but is still plenty loose for comfort.

*Also, I just got new glasses, and I'm trying to get used to them.  Every time I see myself in them I think I look like me, but in some sort of disguise.  Like this is my Clark Kent look...

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