Sunday, January 13, 2019

Treasure Keeper Pouch

I received my Darn Good Yarn of the Month box yesterday. The pattern was so simple and cute that I whipped it right up after dinner last night!  It only took about 45 minutes while watching tv, and best part is that the yarn won't disappear into my stash since it was used right up.  I love how it accidentally stitched up with beautiful swirling stripes!  Sadly there wasn’t enough yarn to make the drawstring as the pattern indicated, so I used some purple leather cord and amber glass beads from my stash to finish it off.  Actually, I think I like the purple leather cord better than I would have liked the yarn chain.  The yarn is Darn Good Yarn's 'Darn Good Fancy Twist' in the colorway Pink Flamingo.  It's a worsted weight silk spun with a strand of black lace weight silk.

The pattern was in the box, and is simply called the Treasure Keeper Pouch.  It doesn't seem to be listed on their website, or I'd link to it.  It will go to a friend who has been playing D&D lately, to use as a dice bag.

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