Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Magnificent Hedwig; Deliverer of Mail & Guardian of Scissors

I take inspiration from wherever I can get it, but my favorite place is from my friends and fellow crafters, especially those who play with me over in the Harry Potter Craftalong.  The very talented AugustBell always seems to have something fun to share, and kind encouragement for the folks in the craftalong.  When she asked me to create a special Harry Potter scissor fob just for her, it got the Muses singing. But just what are scissor fobs you ask?

Scissor fobs serve a few functions.  First and foremost they clip to the handle of your scissors to help you keep track of the only craft tool on the planet that seems to actively try to run away when you're not looking.  They allow you to distinguish your scissors from everyone else's at events like quilt guild meetings, and clearly mark them as yours so no one else will try to grab them by mistake.  Lastly, they are just darn pretty.  Like bling for your craft supplies. And if you're not a crafter the fobs can also be clipped to zipper pulls, key rings, or add a little extra sparkle to your day as purse jewelry.

For this fob I dug through my stash looking for something unique for AugustBell.  I found some awesome Hedwig charms that I bought a while back, but haven't had a chance to use yet. They are so beautifully detailed, from the feathers on the wings to the curling scroll in her talons. I wanted to keep the colors close to the Hedwig of the book and film, rather than let it be just any old owl delivering a message, so I used crystal clear and smoke grey Czech glass beads, and a beautiful shimmering clear & white glass bead that I found buried in my stash.  I wish I could have captured the gentle shimmer of the focal bead, as it really is even prettier in person.

Now that she's been sent to her new home, hopefully she'll keep a good watch over August's scissors so they aren't stolen by mischievous pixies or doddering House Elves.

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