Saturday, June 27, 2015

Back to the Gypsy That I Was

When I create a new design for a charm bracelet, I usually make 3 copies and then sit back and see if they sell.  Sometimes a new design is instantly popular, and sometimes it takes just the right person wandering through who falls in love with that almost-overlooked design.  Eventually I am ready to make a new batch and even though the theme is the same it can feel like a whole new design.  This is version 2.0 of my Gypsy Fortune Teller charm bracelet, and even though I've done the theme before, it was like creating an all new bracelet this time around.

I have always been fascinated by old fashioned wooden gypsy caravans, with their brightly colored paint jobs and the fantasy of taking your snug little home anywhere your heart wishes to go.  Traveling the world with your friends and family, and meeting fascinating people along the way.  Add to that the archetype of the mysterious fortune teller bedecked in silk scarves and bangle bracelets, and you have the start to a good adventure story.  

In an unusual twist, for this bracelet I actually started by choosing the bright colors for the beads, before finding all the individual charms.  I used bright rich jewel tones including amethyst, sapphire, peacock blue, teal, peridot, amber, ruby, scarlet and red-violet.

The charms include references to traditional methods of fortune telling like palmistry, the Tarot deck, crystal ball and Ouija board, as well as paying card suits, scales for justice, wand, the Fool, the zodiac, a coin, a cup, a tiny caravan, moon, sword, crown for the Empress, skull, hearts for the Lovers, and the sun.

I'm thrilled with how this bracelet came out.  Much more so than the original version which never sat right with me.  It always felt like nearly what I wanted it to be, but not quite there.  Now if only I could find myself a little caravan to go adventuring in...

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