Sunday, June 7, 2015

I Could Really Go for Some Crackerjacks Right Now

Some of my projects are in process for weeks on end.  There are little bowls on my work desk half full of charms for upcoming bracelets, while I await more charms that I've ordered to arrive, or while I await that moment of inspiration when everything suddenly clicks and that half formed idea for a bracelet suddenly comes together.  This was one of those projects.  Not the kind where everything comes together, but the kind where I was waiting for it to do so.

I knew I wanted to do a baseball themed bracelet, but I was having serious trouble with exactly the right color scheme, and what to fill a couple of spaces with.  I had tiny baseball players, balls, bats, mitts, hats, and even some I Love Baseball charms, but there was definitely something missing.  I racked my brains and couldn't come up with the rest of the plan.  My solution?  The same one I had for the last 4 years I worked as the Costume Shop Manager at a university in Kentucky.  Ask my friend David for help.  David ran the Scene Shop for the same department, and though we were in different areas of theatre technology, we often helped on another out on projects.  He is one of those folks who will always help you.  I mean ALWAYS.  The kind that even with their plate is completely full, when you ask for help or advice, they always comes through.  The kind you call Friend with a capital F.  It also helps that he's a raging baseball fan.

When I texted him for help, I expected to hear back via text in a while.  But no, Friend called to help because he had "too much to put into a text".  Let me assure you, that is the exact thing you want to hear when you're stuck on a project without inspiration.  He suggested the inclusion of peanuts, popcorn, or cracker jack.  Turns out there are no tiny cracker jack charms out there, but there were some adorable popcorn and peanut charms, so into the mix they went.

My other concern was what color beads to use, without using any specific teams colors, so that it could be for any fan.  I did know I wanted green for the grass, and Friend suggested white or clear for the ball.  I soon also found some awesome acrylic ball beads.  I generally only use Czech glass or crystal beads, but they were so perfect that I just couldn't pass them up.  The dual color scheme wasn't working though, and I realized that I needed to add in a neutral to make the green pop.  In came a sandy tan for the diamond.  Now things were finally coming together!

After a lot of frustration I'm really happy with how it came out in the end.  And I'm glad for the reminder that when you're at your wit's end, you can always turn to a friend for help.  Thanks Friend. 

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